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7 Steps to Lasting Happiness
Posted by Guruh Mandala on 17 June 2010 11:33 PM

7 Steps to Lasting Happiness

By Azim Jamal

Step 1: Discover Yourself

There is a purpose in each of our lives. We may need to dig deep within ourselves to find out what that purpose is, but the clearer our mission is, the better are our chances of accomplishing it. Each day is a new day, a day that brings fresh learning about ourselves and our environment. For this learning to happen, we need to be alert and reflect on our experiences. We are bound to learn at least one (if not several) powerful lesson daily, if we are fully conscious of what is going on around us. Every choice we make shapes our destiny. Therefore, let us make wise choices that are consistent with the type of destiny we are aspiring to.

Step 2: Maintain Positive Attitudes
We're all gifted and blessed in our own unique ways. When we treasure who we are and believe in our inherent capabilities, we find that the world also starts to believe in us. When we are willing to bet on ourselves, the world will bet on us as well.

A blessing comes our way daily. Some people may appear to receive more blessings than others. However, the more we focus on what we have and what we are receiving daily, the more blessings we attract. So counting our blessings not only makes us focus on the positive things in our lives, but also creates the energy for multiplication of these blessings. We have no control over what others think and do. The only control we have is over our thoughts and actions. The more we concentrate on our thoughts and capacity, the more we take control of our happiness. This means ceasing to worry about what others think and giving people the benefit of doubt. The most we can be expected to do is our best. It is a good feeling when we win in the race of life, but it is an even a better feeling when we know that we have done our best– irrespective of winning or losing. Once we have used all our faculties and given our best, we cease to worry about the rest; whatever happens subsequently, happens for the best.

In the journey of life there will be highs as well as lows. This is the law of nature. We need to be as happy during our lows as we are during our highs, because every low comes in a package with a beautiful lesson. When we go about our lives with confidence and poise, we gain respect. When we become egoistic we become shallow and lose respect.

Step 3: Hone Your Life Skills
We have multiple roles to play in life and only a finite amount of time to accomplish all our responsibilities and aspirations. Our focus on key priorities and a balanced outlook enables us to get through the maze of responsibilities and achieve harmony and success. When we work with pride, empower others, and become true leaders in every walk of life, we begin to make a positive difference in our lives and those of others around us.

Step 4: Build Healthy Relationships
Our relationships with our close ones play a big part in our lives. When we have healthy relationships filled with love, respect, dialogue, and learning, we experience abounding happiness.

Step 5: Let Ethics and Values be Your Guide
Ethical living, forgiveness, and pure intentions enable us to connect with the spirit, thereby tuning into divinity and bliss. Of all the joys that there may be, the joy of giving is one of the best. When we bring true joy to the lives of others, we create joy in our own lives. The more we give, the more we have.

Step 6: Awaken Your Spirituality
Our lives on earth are limited to our physical existence, whereas our spiritual lives are eternal. If we want lasting happiness then, we need to live a spiritual life. This can be done by connecting our physical actions to spirituality. Whatever we do, we should assess its spiritual merit. By so doing we can transform our physical acts into a spiritual ones. With daily prayers, meditation, contemplating nature, and connecting with the spirit, we can turn our lives into divinity and bliss.

Step 7: Enjoy the Ride
Happiness is a choice we can all make. So let us make that choice and begin to be happy now, for happiness is not in a distant land but is right here in our midst. As we think happy and be happy, we are able to face life’s challenges with confidence and relative ease. Working on the first six steps in this book gives us internal contentment of having lived to our full potential and living an ethical and empowering life, but it is the seventh step that brings about the fun and joy of life. The seventh step without the first six can bring about a limited happiness, but lasting and sustained happiness comes from working on the first six steps whilst savoring and enjoying the process.


Azim Jamal is an international best-selling author and speaker. His books include 7 Steps to Lasting Happiness and The Power of Giving. For more information, visit
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